6Q release notes
6Q release notes

A visual refresh for polls





We've just rolled out a nice visual refresh for polls. Now when completing a poll, users can easily pick from one of the available smileys to indicate their choice. In addition, leaving a comment is quicker and easier than ever before.


Each smiley assigns a percentage score much as it did before, so under the hood all the scores and reporting is unchanged.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at support@6q.io if you have any questions!


New: High Fives Screen





We've now added a dedicated High Fives screen, to allow you to run reports over specific dates.

Choosing a start and end date will display a graph for the period, as well as a leaderboard showing the top High Five recipients.


Once off polls now live!





A frequently requested feature was the ability for an organisation to send a once off poll, which would not repeat.

We're pleased to let you know that this is now available under the Schedule settings on each poll.

You can now choose between;

  • Once off (not recurring)
  • Every Week
  • Every 2 Weeks
  • Every 4 Weeks (Monthly)
  • Every 13 Weeks (Quarterly)


All new v2.0





The all new v2.0 of 6Q is here!

Hundreds of hours of research, design and development have gone into this entire overhaul of our interface, and modular code structure.


For a quick intro on how existing customers can quickly get used to the new version, see this support page;


Please send any feedback or reports via our usual support@6q.io email.

One person, multiple organisations






We've just pushed one of the largest features (in man hours) yet.

The latest system update means a single person can belong to more than one organisation.

Previously, once an email address was added to the system, they always belonged to that organisation, unless we manually switched them to another.

So in cases such as multiple employers, or an employer and an education company both using 6Q, you could only be polled by the first organisation to add you.

This has now changed. You may be a leader in one organisation, a team member in another, an owner in a third, or any combination of them. When someone has login access (Leader, assistant or owner) to multiple organisations, they are presented with a 'switcher' when they log in, choosing which organisation their session should be attributed to.

Follow up mentor emails





After spending a few months in testing with a select group of customers, we have now rolled out the automated follow up emails that leaders receive after a report.

These emails are designed to highlight specific positive or negative elements with their polls. These are related to areas, such as average responses, frequency of questions, participation rates, time to complete and the like.

Stop sending emails






When a user email address was bouncing from our third party email delivery system, we kept attempting with each poll regardless.

We've stopped that, so team members who continuously have bounce issues, will have their account suspended until it's resolved.

Fix user importer defaults





We discovered a few rare situations, where during an import, some users may not be flagged as receiving our polls.

We've gone through and improved the default settings for all users imported during a bulk import.


Changing email text





Recently, we introduced the ability to change the poll open period from 24 hours for all polls, to give you options of 24, 48 or 72 hours.

However, in doing so, we just noticed that our email invitations still said 24 hours.

We've now fixed this.

The less-sexy fix edition






Many of the small tasks in which our team tackle, are for scenarios our customers may encounter, or ones that we prepare for, in vigorous testing.

At times, we uncover bugs or less-than-ideal scenarios that we make time to fix. Much of the last few weeks were spent doing just that.